The financial services and pharmaceutical sectors are defined by what customers want. In these markets where there is more choice than ever, we work with our clients to find the reasons customers should choose them, and put those reasons at the heart of their business.

Our deep knowledge of the sectors within which we work and our flexible working style could be your key to building unbreakable customer relationships. Our highly-experienced team is ready to work with you to design tailored solutions for your unique challenges.

We work side-by-side with business leaders to define or fine tune their target operating models and design blueprints to get them there. From outlining a people structure, to managing the reorganisation of existing teams, we ensure businesses have the right people in the right places. 

Finding operational efficiencies and cost reductions, whilst simultaneously enhancing your service, is a challenge we love to rise to. And what’s more is that our customer experience specialists help us do it with an emphasis on your customers.

Customer needs are forever evolving and project portfolios can suffer as a result. We provide a comprehensive review of projects whether at concept, design or implementation phase and fine tune the project strategy. 

Whether your need is for design or delivery, we have an experienced team of people who can help. We also work with a network of trusted associates for any specialist projects which may arise. 

We can quickly understand client needs to resource change agents, subject matter experts and interim executives, who will rapidly mobilise and integrate into a business, saving valuable time and ensuring continuity. 

Whether it’s one of the PEN team, or someone from our wide trusted network, we think carefully about the perfect fit for your culture and working style. We only recommend people we have worked with before and know to be exceptional.