Providing due diligence for an acquisition

We provided our client with the information and assurance they needed to make a decision on a potential acquisition.

The Challenge

Our client was a specialist lender and savings bank that asked us to undertake due diligence on a potential acquisition of a specialist lender.

Our client needed a crystal clear understanding of the cost and timings the acquisition was likely to entail, the IT infrastructure’s strengths, weaknesses and requirements and the operational readiness of the business to function post-acquisition.

Finally, they asked us to challenge the financial forecasts of the lender. 

Our Approach

We ran a series of workshops to get to know the maturity of the potential acquisition lender.

Our team reviewed all documentation and assessed the completeness of work undertaken to date and viability of their launch plan. We tested their operational readiness and flagged likely cost and timing overruns. We held interviews with technology suppliers to understand their IT infrastructure and the critical things that needed to happen to allow the target to become fully operational.

We then validated the assumptions within in the financial model. 

The Outcome

We provided our client with a thorough and detailed report that gave them all the information they needed to be confident in a decision as to whether to proceed with the acquisition or not.