Reinvigorating a failing programme

We helped a UK card merchant and issuer give life back to a project aimed at improving customer security and compliance.

The Challenge

Our client was a UK card merchant and issuer that needed help to revive a struggling project, aimed at improving security of customer card data and meeting compliance standards.

Their programme had failed to meet key milestones and an internal assurance review identified significant concerns about its ability to successfully deliver. 

Our Approach

Our first port of call was enhancing the governance and executive ownership of the programme and sharpening up the programme plan to restore the desired risk status. We also gave clarity to our client’s envisioned target operating model.

The PEN team identified key risks and gaps and defined the path that needed to be taken to get the programme back on track.

As well as programme recovery, we fulfilled a number of implementation roles which were key to delivery of the project.

The Outcome

The client came away with a refreshed programme plan and renewed confidence that the programme could be delivered on time and with lowered risk.

Through rapid diagnosis of key issues, identification of the most effective solutions and deployment of our recommendations, we prevented the programme from slipping further and provided stability and momentum.