Customer Centric Change

We helped our client understand and improve the impact of change on their customers.

The Challenge

Our client was a global payments company that wanted to refine how they deliver large change programmes to customers.

They asked us to focus on what customers see and feel during large change programmes and work with customers to validate those journeys.

They also needed short term initiatives to improve the roll-out of a significant programme that was mid-way through execution, plus long term recommendations on delivering future large-scale transformation.

Our Approach

With a focus on the customer segments which often are subject to large-scale change, our team mapped out what the customer journey was during those transformations and used the live change programme as a test case.

By highlighting the multiple pain points, we could develop a series of potential improvements our client could make that would greatly improve the experience of their customers.

Our team recommended changes for both the live programme and for any future large-scale change programmes. 

The Outcome

As a result of our work, our client was better able to understand what it was like for their customers on the receiving end of their change programmes.

Our client is now equipped with a plan to improve the way customers experience change in the future, using a series of workable recommendations, validated by real-life customers.