Improving customer experience

We helped a retail bank identify and implement changes that would greatly improve the experience for current and new customers.

The Challenge

Our client was a retail bank that needed to improve the experience of existing and new customers, with particular focus on its mortgage and personal current account acquisition journeys.

They asked us to set out an overall customer experience framework and to identify improvements in both areas. 

Our Approach

We defined what the absolute best customer experience would be and then built a framework for our client's customer strategy and transformation journey.

To develop the strategy, we undertook customer journey mapping for mortgages and personal current accounts, documenting the starting point, identifying customers' emotional and functional requirements, pinpointing gaps and issues and developing remedial action plans.

We also produced short term plans to deliver improvements whilst the longer-term solutions were being implemented. 

The Outcome

As a result, the client re-organised their business to change the way in which customer strategy and experience was managed, and implemented our recommended improvements to customer acquisition journeys.

This project led to significant improvements in their customer satisfaction score.