Zooming in on the customer journey

We helped a global payments company understand the customer experience for a core part of its service and find opportunities to make it better.

The Challenge

Our client was a global payments company that wanted to gain insight into the experience its corporate payment customers were having.

They also asked us to devise a plan that would address any shortcomings we unearthed. 

Our Approach

We started by mapping out the customer journey for several key customer types before zooming in on the corporate payments journey.

We validated these journeys along with the measurement and insight our client had available, with real customers.

From this work, we brought to light the customer pain points and developed a series of proposed improvements for our client to incorporate into a wider transformation programme.

Having gained a greater understanding of how the client operated and what it was seeking to achieve, we designed a customer-centric change framework tackling delivery of change and the governance surrounding it.

The Outcome

Our client now has a much better understanding of what their customers experience and they have a clearly prioritised and laid out plan to improve customer experience.

We refreshed the way they think about measuring the customer journey and how they extract insight.

Finally, they have a better approach to designing and delivering business change.