Fixing a broken customer experience

We tracked down the operational issues impacting our client’s customer service and designed plans to eradicate them.

The Challenge

Our client was a mortgage provider having issues with their end to end mortgage application process. In particular, it wasn’t progressing customers through the process quickly, resulting in poor customer satisfaction.

Our client needed to understand the issues and how they could put them right to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency. 

Our Approach

We quickly helped our client map out the existing process. We then investigated that end-to-end process and highlighted each of the operational issues that were causing them problems.

For each problem, we designed solutions. And we gave our client options ranging from quick wins through to longer term projects and complete fixes.

We also defined and agreed a programme of change projects which would achieve our client greater operational capacity and an improved customer experience. 

The Outcome

Our project resulted in several operational changes throughout our client’s mortgage application process.

Our programme delivered greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction, and we left the client with a programme of further changes that they were able to execute on their own.