Developing a customer-centric culture

We provided a plan and governance structure that helped a European bank put their customers first.

The Challenge

Our client was a European Bank, that wanted to develop a strategy to create a more customer centric culture.

They had already undertaken a number of projects and initiatives to look at specific aspects of the strategy and how to make it happen, but needed everything pulled together into a single, coherent blueprint. 

Our Approach

Our first task was to review and prioritise the work that had been completed in the two years prior to us getting involved.

Armed with clear ambitions, we defined how all colleagues could individually contribute to great customer outcomes in the form of an employee engagement plan.

We hosted meetings and workshops with stakeholders, developed a blueprint and provided best practice guidance to maximise chances of success and return on investment.

We established a customer experience framework and maturity model and established capability gaps. This plan included a revised governance structure with the customer at the centre. 

The Outcome

We delivered to our client a detailed customer centric culture blueprint and implementation plan.

It formed a key part of a series of executive planning and development sessions, which led to strategic decisions on how to implement the blueprint and create a more customer focused culture.