Delivering risk change projects to meet regulatory commitments

We helped our client define the desired end goal of the programme and then put together plans to get them there in as little time and budget as possible.

The Challenge

Our client was a retail bank. Their group risk team had a number of projects which needed to be delivered to meet regulatory commitments, as well as board-mandated requirements and discretionary management objectives.

We were invited to take part in designing, mobilising and delivering this programme to help reduce risk at a group level.

Our Approach

We worked with our client’s chief risk officer to agree the desired outcomes of the programme. We designed the outline of the group-level risk change programme and gained sign off from board level and the compliance committee.

We set clear objectives, defined the approach and terms of reference and provided programme management disciplines and artefacts such as stakeholder plans and budget trackers.

We provided ongoing programme management as well as specific content input into some of the individual projects. 

The Outcome

The programme was successfully launched and interim deliverables have been achieved in line with the plan. We completed a thorough handover of the programme to an in-house project manager.