Merging trade associations for the finance industry

We successfully ran the programme to consolidate multiple trade associations into one single entity.

The Challenge

A number of leading banks asked for a review into the effectiveness of finance and banking trade associations. The result was to integrate a number of existing trade associations into a single entity to enable a more consistent representation, avoid duplication and reduce costs.

PEN was asked to initiate and deliver the integration programme, against a tight timeline and budget.

Our Approach

We quickly deployed an experienced Integration Director to shape the programme, who set the objectives, scope, governance, planning, budgeting and resourcing, and engaged with key stakeholders.

We established a programme team to oversee work streams such as people, process, branding, data, systems, infrastructure and property.

The project involved many stakeholders from the existing trade associations and competing requirements and dependencies. Our team rapidly identified and delivered solutions, meeting the time and budgetary challenges.

Working collaboratively with the existing trade association stakeholders and employees was critical to the success of this project. 

The Outcome

UK Finance, a consolidation of six trade associations, launched just under 12 months from the start of the programme - on time and within budget.

It’s located in a single city location and has one team using common processes, infrastructure and systems with a single face to market.

Our team was recognised for the huge contribution to the successful launch, including our ability to quickly identify best options, cut through barriers and galvanise the hearts and minds of disparate stakeholders and employees.

We delivered a smooth transition to the new management team, enabling them to build on the success of the programme.