Comparing mortgage system providers

We helped our client review their mortgage system strategy and approach, and simultaneously supercharged their negotiating

The Challenge

Our client was a specialist lender and mortgage provider nearing the end of its mortgage system supplier contract. They wanted to understand what other options were available and how to negotiate, should they decide to renew their existing contract.

They approached PEN because of our market knowledge, access to latest market developments and our inside track on suppliers through our industry network.

Our Approach

Our first piece of work was to give our client a comprehensive overview of mortgage system providers, including a critical assessment of their current supplier. This allowed them to compare all available options and find the best fit for them.

We then developed a negotiating position to extend their current contract, which outlined their optimal terms and the changes to existing contract terms.

And finally, we developed a high level negotiation strategy for our client to use. 

The Outcome

Using the market insight we provided, our client was able to make a strategic decision on their potential supplier.

We enabled the client to enter into negotiations fully informed of latest developments in the market and our client concluded a successful negotiation, citing our work as a critical part of that outcome.

Client Testimonial

Pen Partnership worked with us to review our mortgage systems strategy and approach. Their approach was pragmatic and delivered significant value… they had significant detailed subject matter expertise and took a flexible approach during the assignment based on the findings to ensure the delivery was focused on our needs.