Finding the right operating model

We modernised our client’s over complicated and outdated operating model and introduced areas of outsourcing.

The Challenge

Our client was a leading private investment office which was struggling with an over complicated and outdated operating model, that was impacting profitability and their ability to scale.

Having acquired a competitor but not fully integrated it, they were running two resource intensive operating models. They needed help to determine their optimum model and evaluate how outsourcing aspects to third parties could benefit them.

The scope of work spanned the entire business. 

Our Approach

Our team of two kicked off with a review of the existing operating model, highlighting key risks and issues and documenting requirements of a new operating model.

They then worked up three options of how a thriving future operating model could look, with varying levels of outsourcing, and helped the client agree on the right one.

Finally, we helped the client implement their chosen operating model, including guiding them through the selection process of third parties to fulfill the agreed areas of outsourcing.

The Outcome

The client experienced a significant reduction in operational risk and gained improved controls throughout their business.

They became quicker at making investment decisions, improved client service delivery, and upgraded technology. They also managed to reduce headcount in the operations team.

Finally, they controlled costs and implemented a robust and scalable operating model through the right use of outsourcing.