Helping clients grow market share

We helped our client realise their ambitions to take a greater share of the UK banking outsourcing market.

The Challenge

Our client was a leading outsourcer

that wanted to understand how they could take a greater share of the outsourcing market in UK banking.

They invited us to provide a review of the UK banking market including the trends and themes, opportunities likely to present themselves in the medium term and competitive pressures that they were likely to face.

Our Approach

Our team helped the client to realise what was possible by compiling a market report articulating current trends and featuring deep dive reports into the opportunities facing outsourcers.

We then worked with the client to prioritise which areas to focus on and subsequently drew up plans on how the client should approach each of those opportunities.

Key to success for our client was ensuring they had the right attributes to be successful in the market. Our capability analysis highlighted any weak spots that the client could then address. 

The Outcome

Armed with the market report produced by the PEN team, our client’s management team was able to plan with great confidence around its sales and delivery effort in the banking market.

They have since won a significant banking outsourcing contract.