Defining a target operating model for a traditional annuities business

We delivered a brand new optimised go-to-market proposition and operating model, which our client is now using to onboard new customers.

The Challenge

Our client was a large technology, payments and administration service provider and they asked us to define a target operating model for their traditional annuities business.

They had identified the life and pensions market as an area with potential and were looking for external market insight to identify opportunities and deliver an optimised go-to-market proposition and operating model. 

Our Approach

We supported our client in defining their long term strategy and operating model and obtained executive level agreement. Having identified the gaps and required capabilities, we provided a roadmap to deliver the required system and operational changes to migrate to the new structure.

In parallel, we helped refine their market proposition and define an upgrade programme for its core administration system.

We have extensive knowledge of this industry which, paired with our experience in designing target operating models and our pace and pragmatism, meant our plans minimised disruption and cost. 

The Outcome

Our client has now embarked on the first phase of the system upgrade programme.

They were recently successful with several key client opportunities and are working to on-board and align them with the recommended operating model.