Improving the quality and efficiency of reporting for customers

We developed highly efficient customer reporting for a large global asset management firm, across it’s European business.

The Challenge

Our client was a large global asset management firm that was struggling to deliver fund reporting to its European customers, in an efficient way.

They needed our help in designing a process to easily and quickly produce their standard fund reporting packs. They also wanted to rationalise the amount of bespoke reporting being produced, which they perceived as being inefficient. 

Our Approach

This is a common industry issue and one we have extensive experience with.

We started by getting a solid understanding of the content, systems and people involved in generating reports. We then agreed processes and timelines with key individuals to extract the required data and developed tracking tools allowing the business to monitor that their new processes were working.

We analysed the numerous bespoke reports and identified opportunities to replace them with standard ones, delivering a huge improvement to our client’s efficiency.

Finally, we produced a plan to automate the process of fulfilling genuine bespoke reporting requests. 

The Outcome

Our client is now able to ensure a consistent level of reporting quality and timeliness for their European customers and has also seen incredible improvements in their own efficiency as a result of the changes made.

They have an action plan to help them move towards delivering more reporting digitally and which highlights the data feeds that could be automated in the future, leading to further efficiency improvements.