A compelling proposal

We helped our client, an outsource provider of public pensions administration, to secure a contract extension.

The Challenge

Our client was an outsource provider of public pensions administration that wanted to secure an extension to their soon-to-expire contract.

They needed to be able to submit a compelling proposal and to initiate a programme of work to immediately start delivering on any commitments made as part of the proposal.

They asked PEN to lead this work to gain external input into the proposal, making sure it was both competitive and realistic.

Our Approach

In a short space of time, our team designed a highly compelling and professional submission.

Using our customer experience expertise, we refocused the business on its customers and their policy members. We defined the ideal journey for both and specified the operational changes they required to deliver those journeys.

We also designed a project plan, including costings, to take the client from their current position to having delivered the commitments outlined in the proposal. We ensured all actions were prioritised and unambiguous.

Finally, we helped to kickstart the work to deliver the plans.

The Outcome

The completed proposal put our client in a strong position for a contract extension.

We helped the senior managers reconnect to a vision of what both the government and their customers need, and how to ensure delivery. This insight gave conviction to their proposal and put them in a more competitive position.