Assessing all outsourcing options

Our client needed help to compare and find the best outsourcing provider in the market.

The Challenge

Our client was a specialist lender and savings bank looking to understand outsourcing options for the savings part of their business.

They asked us to assess their ability to successfully deliver an internal change programme to implement the chosen service and to highlight the change in risk profile that alternative options would pose.

Finally, we were asked to develop a financial model to show the costs and benefits associated with each available option. 

Our Approach

We tapped into our industry network and experience to gather intel on all available options in the savings outsourcing market, and look at how they stacked up against our client’s needs.

We modelled the profitability of outsourcing in comparison to industry benchmarks and pulled all that information into a report, making a strong recommendation on the optimal operating model for our client.

Finally, we outlined how our client could go about implementing our recommendations.

The Outcome

Our client adopted the full suite of recommendations within the report and has asked us to continue working with them to execute those recommendations.