Resourcing a subject matter expert

We helped our client to resource a subject specialist and create a plan to comply with new legislation.

The Challenge

Our client was a large, global financial institution offering asset management, broking and custody services. They were dealing with the far reaching implications of the European Union’s second iteration of their legislation; Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

The company fell behind the curve in interpreting and implementing the extensive required changes, so came to us to provide an impact assessment for their asset management business.

Our Approach

We were able to quickly secure an experienced and highly regarded subject matter expert on these regulatory changes, who had extensive knowledge of asset management businesses.

Our impact assessment enabled the client to quickly understand the impacts the legislation would have on their business and we drew up a plan that outlined the actions they would need to take. 

The Outcome

By prioritising resources to execute those actions, they were able to complete them within the timescales required by the regulations.