Weighing up a new platform opportunity

In just six weeks we evaluated a potential new technology provider for our client, a South African investment platform.

The Challenge

Our client was an established investment platform provider in the South African market.

They asked us to evaluate whether to consider re-platforming to another technology provider, currently well-established within the UK platform market and seeking to expand into South Africa. 

Our Approach

We deployed a trusted associate, overseen by a PEN Partner.

We firstly assessed our client’s current business, understanding the organisation and technology used to deliver products to investors.

We then needed to fully understand the intentions and plans of the potential technology provider, in relation to entering the South African platform market.

Using this information, we highlighted the gaps between the capabilities of the potential provider, the requirements of our client and the nuances of the South African market.

Finally, we developed a view on the major trends within the South African retail wealth market.

The Outcome

This six week project provided our client with an objective view and recommendation, looking at short, medium and long-term timelines and taking into account the developments happening in the South African retail wealth market.