Transforming a marketing function

We helped a global pharmaceutical firm to completely reorganise their marketing function

The Challenge

The Marketing function set out their vision to improve customer focus and needed a change roadmap to bring 300+ colleagues across Europe on a journey to achieving it.

The business was in negative growth and recent launches of new products had not met stakeholder expectations. Their approach to marketing had also not changed in 15+ years.

Our Approach

We developed a bespoke maturity index which described the steps required across multiple criteria to achieve the ‘customer focus’ vision. We collaborated with internal commercial leaders, including country leads, commercial directors and sales leads to make refinements based on their feedback.

We assessed the marketing functions to develop a baseline understanding, along with practical recommendations for all teams to consistently move forward towards their shared vision.

We closely supported over 30 teams across Europe to adopt recommendations and advance the organisational maturity.

The Outcome

The assessment revealed relatively low levels of organisation maturity, but despite this they accepted the baseline position and worked collaboratively to take steps to improve.

Over 30 teams demonstrated meaningful improvements in maturity in accordance with our model, with improved colleague engagement and organisational effectiveness.

We were asked to review and refine the legacy marketing planning process. Our recommendations were accepted and are currently being used by all brand teams across Europe.