Ed Wells

Partner ed.wells@penpartnership.com +44 (0)7980 319 714

An experienced business advisor to the UK Banking sector, with particular skills in shaping and delivering large and complicated change, as well as a CX consultant with cross-sector experience.

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Helping people and doing a great job is what motivates me. A straight-forward advisor with over 20 years-experience in consulting and Financial Services. Extensive track record in Customer Experience, operating model design, distribution and operations; dedicated to getting the best result for our clients. Authenticity and doing the right thing really matter to me.

Career highlights

  • Being a founding member of the team that has built PEN to what it is today.
  • Being part of the Northern Rock team which delivered the legal and capital restructure and ultimately paved the way for a new brand on the high street; the result of a wonderful team effort.
  • Designing and executing the operating model for AXA Wealth as it divested its UK Life business; small teams can achieve great things.
  • Designing an operating model for a leading building society's third party distribution of protection and wealth products in what felt like record-time; an MCA award winning project.
  • Managing a bank’s programme and response to the ECB’s Comprehensive Assessment and Stress Tests; ultimately leading to a capital raising plan to secure its future.

PEN point of view

I am really proud of what we have built PEN to stand for: a firm that is completely committed to doing its best for clients with a high quality, experienced and skilled team delivering straight-forward advice based on knowing what we are talking about. That we can do this and have fun along the way is very rewarding and we have incredibly happy clients and colleagues as a result.