Mike Bellis

Partner mike.bellis@penpartnership.com +44 (0) 7929 343 230

A specialist in improving the experience of people who are served by the Life Science sector, creating tangible returns for Life Science businesses as a result.

Mike Bellis - Partner --  image

Having successfully pioneered the adoption of Customer Experience Management to address challenges commonly faced in these sectors, Mike became the first pharma company executive globally to be awarded CCXP status by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Helping organisations to stop just talking about the development of customer value and enabling them to consistently deliver it through day-to-day operations is a challenge he loves to work on.

Career highlights

  • Transforming the commercial functions of a large pharmaceutical companies across Europe, integrating new customer focused management practices to deliver an improved customer experience
  • Evolved launch and business planning processes across multiple organisations to adopt customer experience management concepts and methods
  • Led cultural change initiatives across multiple countries and cultures to develop customer / patient first mind-sets and behaviours
  • Established customer feedback mechanisms and metrics across multiple key markets; developing associated governance models that use the data developed to drive leadership decision making
  • Launched and managed large and small pharmaceutical products across multiple territories in Europe
  • First pharma executive globally to be awarded CCXP status

PEN point of view

Customer experience is becoming an important area of focus for many Pharma and Life Science businesses; many now believe it is not just the ‘right thing to do’, but it’s also a means to develop differentiation, customer preference and competitive advantage. PEN brings a unique mix of deep cross-sector experience with extensive operational ‘know-how’ of customer experience management; our clients tell us that our ‘hands-on’ and straight forward approach helps them to quickly achieve their goals.