Shrinivas Anikhindi

Consultant +44 (0)7875 946 837

Shrinivas Anikhindi - Consultant --  image

Shrinivas seeks to help companies in the pharma industry transform their operations and talent centres to deliver greater value to healthcare professionals and patients alike. He has experience of a variety of consultancy projects in the pharmaceutical industry, from large op model redesigns to landscape assessments of emerging technology. Shrinivas employs his analytical skills to precise recommendations to clients across their full range of activities and to deliver new perspectives from the leading edge of the industry.

Career highlights

  • Developed and managed project using Lean SixSigma and Root Cause Analysis approaches to critically evaluate and implement improvements for internal digital marketing processes in pharma
  • Designed and facilitated workshops for leaders across multiple business functions to enable discussion and idea generation
  • Applied long-term planning approaches to a sector of biomedical research to map the sector’s 10-year future and develop recommendations for key stakeholder groups