Delivering lasting change which has a positive impact on customers, communities and society

There has never been a time where organisations have had to evolve more quickly to meet expectations of increasingly empowered digital consumers and the millennial employees serving them.

Our specialisms are carefully crafted to meet that challenge. Our team of specialists work across a range of sectors – with deep expertise in Financial Services and Life Sciences.

We help clients to deliver customer focused transformation to harness the power of digital and modern technology, creating better operations with agile and innovative cultures that make them great places to work.

We are a consultancy with purpose

PEN is a team of hardworking, dedicated and good-humored people who care about their work, our clients and each other. In this short video we talk about our Purpose and give an overview of the areas in which we specialise

We have developed 4 areas of specialism

They underpin and enable targeted propositions that meet the needs of clients in our sectors of focus

Customer Experience (CX) and Digital

CX has not only become a profession, it‘s now the basis on which many companies choose to compete. Businesses are subjected to fast moving and disruptive forces, from new digital technology and business models, to employees from generations who expect new ways of working. We embrace these challenges to create modern agile cultures that place the customer, and your people front and centre.

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Operations and Automation

Whether developing a new operating model to respond to market forces such as the rise of self-service and automation, or due to a major change such as a merger or acquisition, our deep expertise in operational excellence will help you find the right answer. Always customer centric and forever seeking to exploit the potential of modern technology our operational change capabilities will deliver the right solution for your strategy.

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Change Delivery and Capability

The modern business environment calls for modern ways to manage change. Our experienced team can help clients to navigate challenging change environments and get to grips with poorly understood methodologies to deliver lasting and effective change. 

To help clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals, we are well-positioned to quickly establish the most effective way to structure an intervention. Whether it is to enhance a change model to be more agile and innovative, target specific capabilities to be more effective, or just deliver change with certainty, we have the right tools and techniques to deliver clear results.

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Data and Technology

We help you on your journey towards being a data-driven organisation enabled by the right technology. We help clients form a cohesive data and technology strategy that will analyse your current architecture and data landscape, culture and business objectives to design and build a robust target architecture that enables your strategy.

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We are dedicated to helping our clients create real, positive change

“This is the first time I’ve worked with PEN and I’m pleased with the outcome. We asked PEN to deliver a complex piece of work with demanding timescales. The team from PEN absolutely delivered.”

Peter Hetherington, CEO, Schroders Personal Wealth

“Over the course of 12 months, PEN have transformed the way we do marketing and created a much more agile organisation that can better manage our evolving portfolio and changes in the environment, which we have seen the importance of with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Head of Strategy & Transformation, Top5 Pharma

“We’re delighted with their work - it’s been an invaluable component of our success so far. They understood our business and objectives to deliver exactly what we needed to a very high standard. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with customer experience.”

Oke Eleazu, COO, Bought By Many

“PEN’s support has been practical, relevant and experienced, and this has again shone through for us. PEN’s team were very adept at letting us as a client express our views and have our debate, but have proved to be very able at timely interventions.”

David King, Chief Financial Officer, UK & Europe, Prudential

“Best piece of work we have had delivered externally and you have way exceeded our expectations, the FCA will be blown away by this.”

Board Member, Head of Risk and Compliance at a global asset management firm

“We engaged PEN to provide an external view of our strategic plans. I found them to have an engaging style and the team managed both their stakeholders and the scope of the engagement very well. PEN brought a wealth of experience which they willingly shared with the Skipton team.”

Bobby Ndawula, Chief Financial Officer, Skipton Building Society

“Our first experience of working with PEN has been a highly successful one. They understood the brief, and brought clarity and expertise to the problem. The team fit with ICAP was excellent and enabled PEN to get the best from our people.”

Samantha Wren, COO/CFO, Global Broking ICAP

“PEN’s work has been pivotal in supporting the development of our business strategy using a customer lens”

Customer Experience Director, AkzoNobel

We are proud to have supported over 100 clients across multiple sectors focused on our core specialisms.