Creating a Customer-centric Culture

We defined customer-centric management practices for an affiliate of a global Pharma company

The challenge

The Spanish affiliate of a Global Pharma company wanted to create a strong focus on the customer as part of a leadership development initiative aimed at creating a more collaborative and effective culture.

Specifically there was a desire to develop a clear set of customer principles which could used to help guide behaviours and decision making but also to help establish a set of practical actions which would begin to change the focus to be more based on meeting customer needs.

Our approach

PEN worked with the key stakeholders and sponsors plan and deliver a series of activities which would enable us to:

Explore how what ‘good’ customer focus means to the leaders of the business, understand how close they feel the organisation is to this standard

Create common objectives and governance to achieve a cohesive customer focussed leadership community

Consider how to best measure CX

Develop a common set of ‘promises’ that connect employee behaviours to customer requirements and the goals set out in the existing strategy

In preparation for a leadership offsite, we ran a survey and series of webinars with the leadership group to introduce the concepts and to pose several questions regarding the most important things that the organisation needed to do to become more effective and customer centric. From this we distilled down a draft set of customer principles and priority actions. We then delivered the offsite, where we explored the themes which came out of the webinars and survey

The outcome

The team understand what being customer centric means within their business and have created a set of principles which they have explored and feel a sense of ownership for.

The leadership team also emerged with a set of specific actions which were aimed at bringing the customer promises to life and will set the scene for measurement of CX and customer centric continuous improvements across the business