Customer centric change & measurement

We supported a global payments company to start co-creating change with customers

The challenge

Our client – a global payments company – wanted to refine the way it delivered large programmes of change to its key customers.

We helped our client to do this by:

  • Carrying out customer journey mapping for key personas on the delivery of large change programmes
  • Assimilating findings and validating these with our client’s customers
  • Developing a set of short term initiatives to improve the roll-out of a significant group programme that was mid-way through execution
  • Making a series of longer term recommendations around the design and delivery of large scale transformation

Our approach

We started by developing key personas for a certain segment of our client’s customers who receive large scale change

We then mapped the end to end customer journey for large transformation, using an in-flight programme as a test case

We analysed the various pain points and ‘moments of truth’ and developing a series of potential improvements to be included; firstly, within the current in-flight programme, and secondly, for future large-scale programmes

The outcome

As a result of our work, the client:

  • Understood what it was like for clients to be on the receiving end of some of their change programmes
  • Had a better appreciation of how this change was managed by its clients and how to make it better for them in future
  • Had a series of workable recommendations – validated by real customers – to improve:
    • All future large scale change programmes
    • The roll-out of a particular transformation programme which was part-way through execution