Delivering the Future of Work – The Workplace of the Future

A global LifeCo asked PEN to lead the Workplace element of its post-COVID Future of Work programme

The challenge

Following the pandemic our client surveyed its teams on how they wanted to work in the future. Both leaders and teams agreed that the move to hybrid working was here to say and that they wanted new ways of working, technology and workplaces to support it.

Our challenge was:

  • Perform market analysis of peers and competitors location strategies and workplace developments
  • Define a vision for the Workplace of the Future and create a plan to deliver
  • Run a selection process for design and construction suppliers
  • Manage the delivery of the new workplaces

Our approach

We setup sessions with organisations within our network and more broadly to understand what the market was doing in response to the pandemic.

We then engaged with leaders and with teams to understand their needs, but also with external 3rd parties to understand trends in workplace design and developments. We:

  • Ran a series of workshops across the business to define the future vision
  • Ran a selection process to engage partners to deliver
  • Build the business case
  • Mobilised the programme to deliver the vision

The outcome

We have delivered the Workplace of the Future across three large sites across the UK, providing completely revamped workplaces to better support hybrid working.

Teams are splitting their time between remote work and days in the office, supported by workplaces more suited to their needs when they come in to meet their colleagues.

We also supported the design of policies for new ways of working and the selection of technology to enable the hybrid working model.