Designing a strategic change roadmap to reduce costs

We helped our client design a new operating model that will deliver on the cost savings they had committed to achieving, over a three year period

The challenge

Our client was a leading global asset management firm which had committed to delivering significant cost savings over a three year period

They had embarked on a programme to improve technology, but required assistance in developing a roadmap of other change projects that would deliver the cost savings they were seeking

Our approach

Our team of two worked with the in-house team to develop an operating model guaranteed to deliver the desired cost savings

Having gained approval on that operating model, we then drew up a roadmap that would get our client from its current state to that new operating model, and help them to realise the benefits of ongoing technology investment

The outcome

The three month project left our client with a clear and actionable roadmap of change, to deliver against strategic objectives and realise their promised cost savings