Driving regulatory transformation

We led the design and implementation of a project which co-ordinated multiple regulatory requirements

The challenge

A UK Building Society wanted to bring three key strands of regulation together into a coordinated programme.

Management also wanted to ensure that the overall approach and plans were both robust, yet not overly onerous on the Society in proportion to the regulatory requirements.

Our approach

We started by reviewing what was already in place and agreeing with our sponsors that some project-related deficiencies needed addressing. We then built up a view of key areas of cross-over, where specific coordination would deliver benefit.

We created an overarching – but light touch – programme structure and drive collaborative working through this vehicle, focusing on the most value-adding areas of coordination.

We also continued to assure delivery of the individual projects to give management confidence in execution.

The outcome

We delivered against our regulatory obligations ahead of peers. We also helped to set out how these regulations and associated operational activity could best be coordinated and delivered after the regulatory effective dates.

“PEN used their knowledge, industry insight and previous experience to help us get our programme completed on time and to a high standard. They worked incredibly well with the team, and what’s more, they helped our team work together better too. I found them to be highly collaborative and dependable. If they said something would be done, it would be. They also challenged us in a positive and collegiate fashion. All in all, a job very well done.”