Enabling Agile Marketing

We transformed the marketing operations of a global pharma using agile methodology

The challenge

The UK affiliate of a global pharma saw that they were behind the curve in their digital transformation. At the same time, they realised that the speed of the digital world was very difficult to manage within traditional marketing structures.

In order to address this, the client decided to set up Agile Marketing teams across their four franchises to support 17 brands.

PEN was brought in to support the stand-up and ensure that the teams adopted a more ‘digital’ mind-set. 

Our approach

We worked with the marketing teams to identify initial challenges with early efforts to establish Agile ways of working, governance and an updated operating model.

Using this input we worked with the teams to develop a new operating model which preserved the organisation’s vertical structure while building in flexibility through horizontal reporting across key functions.

We supported the client to bring the Agile Marketing initiative from project mode to Business As Usual with minimal disruption to operation of the Agile teams.

The outcome

Supported the client transition its marketing function to Agile ways of working and agree a clear roadmap to build on initial success.

Agile was built into the function’s governance and operations at every level, from executive action teams through to the basic analyst chapters.

Across the brand teams impressive benefits were seen after just a few months:

  • Reduction in approval and time to market for marketing campaigns of up to 65%
  • Cost-efficiencies coming from more in-house working and less reliance on external vendor partners of more than £500,000
  • Several examples of innovative thinking and test-and-learn approach improving impact of marketing campaigns