ESG data governance implementation

A programme that spanned across multiple key areas to empower our client, an asset manager, to take ownership of their ESG Data

The challenge

Our client, a leading asset manager in the ESG space with approximately £500bn AUM,  had recognised the importance of ESG and data in the organisation but detected lack of ownership from the business, conflicting sources and varying methodologies across investment teams.

This was preventing the client from unlocking the full potential of ESG data. The client required access to experts to define and execute a Data Strategy across the organisation and apply proper principles to ensure more transparent, accurate and valuable data through an effective ESG governance framework.

Our approach

The Programme spanned across multiple key areas to empower our client to take ownership of their ESG Data:

  • Appointed a data team and set up stakeholders across the business.
  • Designed an end-to-end Data Governance Framework.
  • Implemented a firmwide approach to managing data through clear policies.
  • Categorised all of the client’s data in different domains and appointed owners in the business for each.
  • Implemented tools to map all the data in the organization for better lineage and management.

The outcome

The importance of data to the business is more widely understood and the ownership of data is now clear. The client also observed better quality outputs, which resulted in better client experience.

The implementation of tools and the governance framework also resulted in greater transparency, consistency and confidence in the data across the business. The client experienced increased efficiencies in managing data and better control over its usage which saw more efficient cost control of external data providers.