Establishing patient experience management

We assessed and subsequently improved the patient support and experience management capability of a global pharmaceutical company

The challenge

The global HQ of a mid sized pharma company identified the requirement to establish patient experience management capabilities and services across multiple markets simultaneously to support the realisation of their corporate vision. 

As there was significant variability in organisational maturity, capability and engagement between markets the global team needed to set up a central centre of excellence (CoE) and then use it to deploy capabilities and service assets in a way that took account for and addressed local variations.

Our approach

PEN worked with the key stakeholders and sponsors to define the organisational requirements, design and governance structure for the CoE, then profiled likely demand and defined the capabilities and resources required to operate it. 

Following this we applied our CX assessment framework to design and facilitate a maturity self-assessment process for key markets that identified capability strengths and weaknesses in being able to implement services effectively. 

After working to fill gaps and sharing best practice around strengths, we worked alongside local teams to introduce appropriate suite of services in a phased and co-ordinated way – These included new customer access points e.g. web portals, phone lines and service centres; some of these needed to be created new and others repurposed existing resources.

The outcome

From not having any co-ordinated approach to customer experience across the globe, this company now confidently relies up the service capabilities and outputs they deliver as an essential component for delivering their corporate vision. 

Their customer experience is now centrally designed and governed, with local accountability for day-to-day management and delivery of value to customers