Cultural intervention

PEN were asked to assist in bringing together a leadership team from a variety of backgrounds and heritages, different company cultures and ways of working

The challenge

Our client, a JV between two major firms, had ambitious plans to become the leading provider in their market

However, the JV brought together leadership teams from a variety of backgrounds and heritages, with different company cultures and ways of working. For the newly formed team to be successful, it was imperative to establish a common language, understanding and culture

We designed and facilitated a key event, hosted at a neutral location, with attendees from a cross-section of the JV. The aim was to develop a set of cultural statements and values to represent the JV, what they do, and how they work. These are now used as interim values and principles to guide how the leadership team drive the business forward in the medium term

Our approach

We were able to draw on its significant experience across the financial services sector to rapidly mobilise a small, highly experienced team who understood the business and the opportunity, and the landscape of the specific market.​

We used a short period of discovery, including guided interviews with ~30 members of the leadership team, the board and other key individuals to refine and deliver a bespoke facilitated workshop for a shortlist of attendees.

We also designed a short company-wide survey to gather further data, and ultimately delivered a bespoke facilitated off-site workshop to define the purpose statement and supporting values for the business

The outcome

Our client’s purpose and three values statements were both defined and unanimously agreed during the workshop

These were then tested in the afternoon with attendees examining what could be achieved in practice, with a focus on:

  • Leadership & Behaviours
  • External Product & Proposition
  • Communication & Engagement

To help embed the purpose and values, we also provided a plan of action that we would take if we were faced with the same challenges

Feedback from the CEO was extremely positive