Helping an international business to build a customer-centric culture

We helped an international financial services company drive a cultural transformation through the design and delivery of a bespoke customer experience academy

The challenge

Our client, a global financial services firm had an ambition to transform its strategy and culture to be more customer-centric at every level within the organization

As part of our work helping them to define and deliver the programme, we identified a gap in capability across many parts of the business in terms of understanding what it means to be truly customer-centric and in terms of having the knowledge and tools to deliver an excellent customer experience

Our approach

We worked with the executive team to define the requirements for the new academy and set about creating a bespoke package of classroom learning modules for leaders, managers and staff in each of the business units across 33 countries

Delegates were identified and nominated based on their role or their propensity to become powerful customer champions. We piloted early versions in 5 countries and then created and launched the final version which was rolled out over 18 months

The outcome

Over 750 people attended face to face training in training sessions lasting between 3 hours and 2 full days

Staff engagement improvement and numerous projects and initiatives were completed as a result of the Academy’s which played a major part in the cultural transformation that took place

The course was aligned to the Customer Experience Professionals Associated CCXP qualification and as a by-product, over 30 employees went on to study and pass the qualification which is internationally recognised and 1 business unit won 2 Customer Experience awards for the initiatives which flowed from the academy