Introducing Agile into the change framework

We delivered a novel and sustainable approach to change for a national building society

The challenge

A UK Building Society with market-leading customer experience (CX) recognised that to meet their future aspirations and maintain their position they needed to continue to evolve.

To address these challenges they sought to review their approach and overall end to end change model from identification & prioritisation through to execution.

They wanted to improve the way they delivered change so that value-adding projects, initiatives and enhancements moved from concept to ‘done’ much faster and to better quality.

Our approach

After understanding their current-state issues, we helped re-design ‘change demand’. This covered how they generated ideas, assessed, appraised & prioritised them and included a revitalised governance model.

We also reviewed their change delivery approach and re-designed their change framework, incorporating a variety of new methods (including a tailored version of agile).

Once defined we set out a plan for adopting the new model and transitioning effectively; considering cultural impacts, environment and training approach.

The outcome

PEN designed an agile approach to implementation, broken down into four areas: demand & prioritisation, colleagues, comms & training, methods & tools and environment.

With our help, Skipton successfully delivered the first four sprints which got them to a point of launching the new change framework and using new delivery methods.