Measuring the Impact of Customer Centricity

We helped a global pharmaceutical firm understand the value generated by customer-centric activities

The challenge

The UK affiliate of a global pharma had a team which worked with the NHS to identify unmet needs of cancer patients and support the implementation of solutions within the healthcare system. 

Though customer feedback was positive, the team needed a more tangible (while still compliant) way of proving the value they delivered to the business.

PEN was asked to develop a measurement framework to achieve this on a regular basis. 

Our approach

Our team analysed 20+ past projects and more than 30 interviews with key internal stakeholders to understand the broad areas where the teams' activities were generating value for the business.

We then ran a wider internal survey and carried out analysis of CRM data to quantify these themes and develop real (and compliant) insights / metrics to explain where the value for the team lay.

Finally, we established a measurement framework for the business to collect further data to support the key hypotheses for which we had generated initial proof. 

The outcome

The data revealed a number of insights pertaining to the team’s impact on the business, that exceeded the expectations of even those working within the function, including:

  • Increased access to customers
  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships with decision-makers in key accounts

The results of the analysis gave the team evidence to justify their value, as well as to drive decision-making regarding resourcing within the business unit.

To build on these insights, the team also set out plans to operationalise the measurement framework designed by PEN and perform the same analysis on a regular basis.