Moving into the fast lane: Intelligent Automation built to scale

A leading global FS company engaged us to increase their operational efficiency and handle higher business volumes, without reducing their headcount

The challenge

Our client wanted to increase operational efficiency to ensure it could process higher business volumes, whilst keeping flat or reducing FTE numbers.

The client had identified a long list of processes that could be automated. However, they lacked the decision criteria and the implementation capabilities to progress a pilot project at pace.

The client asked PEN to manage the pilot implementation, select suitable processes and ensure that the client selected the optimal processes to deliver sufficient benefits in as short a time as possible.

Our approach

With our development partner Propel Consult we delivered two processes in the pilot phase.

We used PEN methodology and tools to confirm the firm’s specific objectives for RPA, and then select what would provide the best outcome.

Once the processes were selected, it was scoped, built using AA, tested and deployed into live.

We provided operating model design advice to ensure it could be supported and scaled once live, business readiness support to embed the new model and implementation services to get it live at pace.

Alongside this, Propel provided training and post go-live support to our client.

The outcome

Two live processes were automated successfully within 6 weeks to complete the Pilot phase.

The automated processes each saved the client over £50k in annual processing costs. More importantly, the bots allowed the existing teams to process more cases without hiring additional FTE, therefore improving the cost income ratio and profitability potential for the firm, which was a key objective for the RPA pilot.

The training also allowed the company to troubleshoot and amend the processes themselves. The client has already identified Day 2 enhancements and is in the process of automating more processes both locally and in other European offices as a result of the new scalable model delivered during the pilot.