Payments programme review and rescue

We helped a building society respond to its operational risks to improve the end to end reliability of their systems and processes

The challenge

Following a number of high profile issues with its Payment IT systems and services our client was looking for support to make real progress to improve its end to end reliability.

To move forward our client initially used an external consultancy to identify the landscape of risks it faced. However, our client was now looking for support to deliver a short sharp piece of consultancy to turn this initial analysis into an agreed and ‘bought in’ plan prior to handing over to client resources to deliver. Specifically our client was looking for PEN support to:

  • Systematically assess the risks and ensure clear agreement on how they should each be treated
  • Prioritise the rectification activity and ensure activity was mobilised to treat high priority risks
  • Ensure business wide buy in and ‘sign off’ to all treatment approaches

Our approach

Our approach focussed on gaining ‘true business’ buy in to first the issues and risks and then agreement to the rectification.

The following approach was taken:

  • Systematically review each of the risks to gain a common agreement to likelihood / impact. (Key to this was leading and mentoring a team of client BAs to analyse the risks to ensure each was supported by tangible evidence on which solid conclusions and decisions could be made)
  • Gain common agreement to the treatment approach and relative priority (each treatment approach was formally signed off at Accountable Executive level)
  • Mobilise a programme of work to focus on the high priority risks
  • Set up ongoing governance to ensure the rectification / approach to risks is constantly reviewed and managed.

The outcome

A clear and agreed approach to each of the identified risks – ‘buy in’ to the ‘risks’ and associated prioritisation.

A prioritised and mobilised programme set up to systematically rectify the risks (Once mobilised this was seamlessly handed over to Client resources).

A governance framework set up to ensure ongoing review and assessment of the risks (ensure that business focus is maintained).