Performing a technology partner assessment

We were asked to assess the re-platforming options for a foreign investment platform provider

The challenge

Our client, an established investment platform provider in the South African market, asked us to assist them in evaluating whether it would be appropriate to consider re-platforming to a technology provider currently well-established within the UK platform market who was seeking to expand to supporting clients in SA

Our approach

We deployed a trusted associate to carry out the work for the client overseen by a PEN Partner. The work involved:

  • An initial assessment of the client’s current investment platform business in SA, understanding both the organisation and technology used to deliver the proposition and the products offered to investors
  • Understanding the intentions and plans of the technology provider in question with relation to entering the SA platform market
  • Understanding the gaps between the capabilities of the technology provider’s solution, the requirements of our client and nuances of the SA market environment
  • Developing a view on the major trends within the SA retail wealth market

The outcome

From carrying out this research we were able to provide the client with an objective view as to whether considering a re-platforming exercise was appropriate or required at the current time and whether in the medium to longer term this exercise made sense given the context of developments taking place in the SA retail wealth market