Resourcing GDPR Project Managers

We helped a global investment management firm to deliver their GDPR programme

The challenge

Our client, a global investment management company based slightly outside of London, phoned to ask whether we could assist with the sourcing of two hands-on Project Managers to work on the GDPR programme

The ideal candidates would have experience of working on such a programme, and would have a rigorous approach to project management. Investment management experience was also crucial

The difficult location added an extra complexity to this assignment

Our approach

We have a robust bank of Regulatory Project Managers on our Associate books, some of whom have worked on data-related programmes

One of our long-term Associates suggested that we call a former colleague of his, who had just completed a GDPR project for a large law firm. Prior to this he had worked for an investment management organisation

Happily, this individual, along with his co-worker, were both very interested in our GDPR assignment, and were happy to travel to the difficult location

Following extensive interviews with the PEN team and with our client, both individuals were hired on a 12 month basis

The outcome

Our client was delighted with both individuals, and was especially happy to have a mini-team who got on well and worked very well together

The GDPR programme is progressing well, and on schedule