Setting up an operational resilience programme office

We supported a UK building society to assess and improve their ongoing Operational Resilience programme

The challenge

Our client had mobilised a large and complex Operational Resilience programme. Projects were being delivered in different parts of its business and via several 3rd party suppliers

We were asked to set up a permanent function to:

  • Assure all resilience-related initiatives were delivering the necessary benefits
  • Ensure all changes were material and measurable
  • Ensure that changes were done in a compliant and risk-assured manner
  • Ensure that activities were reducing operational risk

Our approach

We setup an Operational Resilience Programme Office (OR Office) to:

  • Create an approach to measuring resilience and clearly articulate the outcomes that would be achieved
  • Own and manage benefits tracking
  • Build relationships with 1st and 2nd line Risk
  • Ensure alignment with the wider organisational change initiatives.
  • Regularly communicate the progress of the programme and track all and any funding required

The outcome

As a result of our involvement the programme:

  • Has an effective, recognised and fully-staffed OR Office
  • Has a clearly defined set of responsibilities and accountability
  • Has a board-approved approach to governance, risk and audit, central PMO, dependency management, planning and change management
  • Has a board-approved approach to assessing, shaping and planning for new scope coming into the programme

Following the setup of the Operational Resilience Office, the team handed over the function to the client’s BAU team