Strategy and change planning

We helped a national building society refine their change roadmap and align this to their long term vision

The challenge

Our client was in the middle of developing its 3-5 year vision and Roadmap. The strategy team had engaged the business and started to build an initial view of investment requirements across 6 strategic themes.

The client also had a significant portfolio of change projects.

We were engaged to ensure that the portfolio was aligned to its long term vision and strategy and help to prioritise and reduce the overall portfolio.

Our approach

We approached this by:

  • Developing and refining the vision in a way which engaged the ExCo and senior leadership team
  • Building the outline operating model required to deliver that vision
  • Using the operating model to identify investment requirements to feed the 3-5 year transformation plans
  • Building and refining the transformation plan to ensure it was realistic and achievable.
  • Undertaking an initial prioritisation with the Senior management team and, ultimately, the ExCo

The outcome

We delivered the client with a valuable refinement to its overall 5 year vision and strategy.

We achieved ExCo and senior level buy into this refined vision.

We helped our client decide the overall shape of the change portfolio.