Transition of activities in new HQ

Our client, a large gaming company, asked PEN to coordinate and deliver its new Location Strategy

The Challenge

Our client, a large gaming company, asked PEN to coordinate and deliver its Location Strategy.

Part of this strategy was to move its people and processes from two locations in London and one in Tel Aviv to a new corporate headquarters in central London.

PEN was asked put a project team together to manage the full corporate HQ process lifecycle, from assessing potential locations through physically moving teams and technology to the new corporate HQ.

The Approach

We helped our client develop its business case for the proposed transition.

Once agreed that it was the right decision, we mobilised a team of PEN consultants and client staff.

We developed a simple but detailed approach to transition the people, processes and technology from the three offices into one.

We built a detailed plan of activities and engaged with key stakeholders from each of location and team to deliver the moves.

We also helped identify, design and setup the new corporate HQ which would ‘receive’ the incoming teams. 

The Outcome

We were able to coordinate the transition of three offices into one on budget and on time, delivering material cost and performance benefits to our client.

The new corporate HQ was designed to create a modern, flexible and tech-enabled working environment for the incoming teams, enabling them to better collaborate and work productively.

We continue to support our client in the execution of its multinational location strategy, supporting both the strategic and practical elements of the programme.