Real projects. Lasting change.

Solving problems for global companies

Solving problems for global companies

Change is impossible without innovation. So when companies from across the world approach us with a challenge, our team of specialist consultants are always up to the task of coming up with fresh ideas or new ways of following best practice

Here’s a glimpse at some of our recent work

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Payments programme review and rescue

We helped a building society respond to its operational risks to improve the end to end reliability of their systems and processes

Merger support in Retail Banking

We helped integrate finance and banking trade associations into a one organisation to deliver a more consistent representation across the industry

Customer centric change & measurement

We supported a global payments company to start co-creating change with customers

Operating model and organisational design

We helped a client reduce complexity whilst improving profitability and scaling for the future

Merger support

We were asked by a client to provide merger and project management expertise to ensure the deal closed successfully and in the shortest time possible

Migration programme setup and delivery

We supported a large pensions scheme to successfully restructure their operations and support the introduction of a Defined Contributions section

Outsourcing deal and operational transition

We assisted a client to outsource core admin and support services, completed the transition within 9 months, and in the process created a reference client for the services provider

Defined contribution operations and governance review

We supported a client to review their operations to identify, size, and prioritise potential improvements to free up capacity and make significant cost savings.

Retirement target operating model

We were asked by a client to support them in defining their future state retirement journey should look like, what capabilities are required to support it, and the changes required to put those capabilities in place

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