5 Reasons Why Small-Medium Companies Should Recruit Using An RPO

2021-02-19 |  Clare Allan

Big organisations have long used Recruitment Process Outsourcers (RPO) to fill new roles, but now small-medium organisations have started to see the benefits too.

After numerous discussions with our clients, we’ve put together a list of the five reasons why small-medium companies like yours should outsource their recruitment:

•  Reduced cost. Recruitment companies who offer an RPO service will offer you volume discount too.

•  Scalability. The more we learn about the culture and team structures specific to your company, the more efficient we get at sourcing new candidates and prepping them appropriately.

•  Timesaving. The stronger the relationship with your RPO, the easier it is to issue a job spec, or to call in a CV. Or to have frank conversations around day rates/packages.

•  ‘Pipelining’. An effective RPO will pre-emptively start looking out for candidates who’d be a good fit for your company, so they can be called up swiftly should there be a need.

•  Access to a wider candidate pool. RPOs typically have access to numerous job boards which might be too costly for small-medium organisations.

During such a tough economic time, with so many small-medium companies lacking the infrastructure to meet their recruitment demands, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is surely the way to go. It can handle your company’s recruiting needs whist maintaining a streamlined and efficient process.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further or learn more about how we’re helping our clients in this way.

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