6 Things Your Recruiter Should Be Providing For Free

2021-03-04| Clare Allan

During the COVID-19 pandemic, while new candidates for jobs have become plentiful, new contract roles have become sparser and margins tighter. I’ve spoken at length to my clients during these unpredictable times, particularly about the service that PEN Resourcing and other contract recruiters provide.

Some recruiters will do the bare minimum for their margin, others know to go above and beyond simply submitting CVs. If you’re in the market for a recruiter to add value to your company, here’s what you should expect from them:

An honest assessment of the candidates’ skills - not all candidates are ‘top tier’ or ‘outstanding’. It’s far more useful to highlight the relevant skills for your company, and any areas where they aren’t so strong

A face-to-face (or video) interview - we’re lucky at PEN Resourcing to have full access to our consultancy team’s input, but a comprehensive interview should be your bare minimum

Discounts on bigger jobs - in such a competitive market, if you’re prepared to give multiple job roles to one recruiter, you should be able to discuss discounts

Access to salary surveys - it’s always useful to sense-check whether you are paying appropriately, and your recruiter should have access to this data

Full IR35 assessment and, if needed, insurance – if a role is deemed to be outside scope then your recruitment firm should be happy to manage the assessment, and provide insurance against any potential tax issues (i.e. wrong status determination)

Regular check-ins - it sounds obvious, but a monthly call ensures that any teething problems are quickly ironed out

Can you think of any more? To talk about PEN’s ‘above and beyond’ approach, which includes insurance against unpaid IR35 tax liability, please drop me a line.

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