7 Steps To Keeping Your Recruiter Happy

2021-03-30 |  Clare Allan

Recruiters get a lot of bad press. We’re often vilified for posting bogus job ads, or for not giving candidates any feedback after interviews, or for charging too much for our services… the list goes on.

And thankfully, at PEN Resourcing we’re not guilty on all counts.

We rarely, however, get the chance to be clear on our expectations of you – our candidates. There are certain simple steps you can take to make our job much easier:

  • Respond quickly when we call. We’re often competing with other recruiters and working to a tight timescale. To put you forward for a role, we need to talk to you first.
  • Be very clear about your salary expectations, your notice period, and your benefits package. That way we can avoid any big surprises when it comes to being offered the role.
  • Tailor your CV to the role. If you highlight your relevant experience, it makes both of our lives easier.
  • Be flexible about interview dates and times. A willingness to shift your diary always goes down well with a client.
  • If another more interesting opportunity comes along, please let us know. A vanishing client makes us all look unprofessional, and we’d be unlikely to work with you again.
  • Once you’ve started in your new role, keep in touch. We wouldn’t be touting for business, we genuinely like to know that you’re happy with the job.
  • Refer your friends to us. Recommendation from trusted candidates are always welcomed, and we’ll always get back to referrals, even if we can’t help them at that time.

Here at PEN we like to work with our contractors and associates time and time again - always aiming to line up your next job for when the current one comes to an end. It’s a two-way process and we’re proud of the strong relationships we have with our candidates.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further or learn more about how we’re helping our clients in this way.

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