A Second Opinion Documentary: Is integrated care the cure for ailing health systems?

2021-11-11 |  Shrinivas Anikhindi

Value-based healthcare, sustainable healthcare, integrated care. These are all names for the same guiding thought – that blurring the lines between healthcare and life sciences is the solution to pressing challenges around fiscal unsustainability, ageing populations, and increasingly complex medicines.

Integrated care is a set of principles which describe how healthcare and life sciences companies can work together to harness unrealised value within the system, delivering greater health outcomes while optimising cost across the value chain.

Shrinivas Anikhindi, the author of our editorial Second Opinion, set out to understand more about what integrated care is, how it can help us, and what comes next. To help him on this journey he also spoke to Paul Simms, former Chairman of eyeforpharma, and Dr. Diane Bell, an experienced healthcare advisor, about their experience with this transformation and their advice on how to get it right.

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