Capitalise On The Private Asset Opportunity: Download Our Latest Insights

2022-07-21 |  Neel Mandalia

Institutional allocations to Private Assets have continued to grow in recent years, and now typically account for over 25% of pension-fund portfolios.

Market volatility, diminishing returns and high inflation have seen a growth in demand for Private Assets. But maximizing the opportunity for attractive returns requires specialist knowledge and operations due to their more complex and illiquid nature.

As a result, many of our clients are facing key issues when looking to expand their exposure to the Private Assets market, which broadly fall into four common themes; Operating Model, Technology, Data and ESG.

PEN have real experience in supporting firms with their Private Asset key issues across the full value chain and as a result, have developed specific client-tested solutions:

  • Private Assets Target Operating Model - Our proven framework for operating model definition which we combine with industry best practice
  • Private Assets Maturity Framework - Our proprietary methodology defines and tracks a firm’s maturity across five key areas
  • ESG Integration - A flexible, diagnostic approach to help clients capitalise on the opportunity

To help you navigate the complex world of Private Assets, our Wealth & Asset Management Team have combined the tools above – and their decades of experience and insight – to create a single point of contact for your use in your organisations.

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And if you want to see how PEN can further help you utilise Private Assets to make attractive returns, get in touch with Louis Slinger or Neel Mandalia.

Capitalise On The Private Asset Opportunity: Download Our Latest Insights

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