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Responding to rapidly changing customer expectations is vital for any customer service organisation. And the pandemic turbo-boosted this shift.

 In a matter of weeks, in some cases days, organisations were forced to leap several years into the future to transform the digital self-service capabilities available to customers, to relieve pressure on contact centres and to maintain service. While also creating effective remote working systems from scratch.

The world has now changed forever. 

For many the hybrid remote-office model will become the norm. This has huge implications for your people, your customers and your operational set up. Contact centres are at the heart of this change, evolving into digitally enabled omni-channel service hubs which brings new workforce management and customer experience (CX) challenges. Not to mention opportunities.

But how can you identify them and respond effectively? To make effective decisions about the changes your contact centre requires, deep insights about what happens at this crossroads are critical. But Identifying the impact your employee experience, and the processes and systems they use, has on your customer experience, and therefore where you can implement real positive change, is often hard.

To help you overcome these challenges, we have developed a contact insight health check to quickly generate meaningful data on the customer experience, employee experience and operations to identify issues and create opportunities for meaningful initiatives that feed into your change roadmap’

Download your copy today. And if you have any questions or want to understand how PEN could help you transform your Contact Centre, please connect with Hannah Isaacs, or email her directly at

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